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Hello, my name is Richard Anderson

I live in Utah and love outdoor adventure. I enjoy road trips throughout the western United States. There is a small reservoir near the property I own in the mountains, So, I bought a couple Costco kayaks to use on the reservoir. I fell in love with Kayaking.
I frequently go on road trips to National Parks and wished I had a way to take my kayaks. I use a Sprinter Van that I converted into an RV for my road trips. So. I really didn’t have a good way to take them with me. I met Shari, who became an adventure friend, Shari is an avid pedal drive kayaker. She showed me videos of her using hers. Wow, it looked so easy and so fast. I needed to get one.
This is what lead me to the inflatable pedal drive Kayak. The kayak is made with the same technology as Stand Up Paddleboards. It becomes very rigid once inflated, and it fits into a wheeled backpack when deflated. This is perfect for adventure, they fit easily in my storage on my van. I take them everywhere I go.
These kayaks are perfect for trailers, Motorhomes, SUV’s, Cars, they can be stored in a closet, so if you live in an apartment or a condo, this is a perfect high end pedal drive kayak for you. It’s 3 times faster than paddles. Plus you can go further without fatigue. They are great for exploring or fishing. Your hand are free for photography and fishing. Yes, you can easily troll with a pedal drive. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new inflatable pedal drive kayak.
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Founder, CEO
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