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Do you love kayak fishing?

If yes, then you know how daunting the task is to organize all the gear you need.

Proper equipment plays a crucial role in having the right hunch, including paddles, safety gear, tackle boxes and multiple poles.

Amidst this, choosing the fishing rod holders is the crucial step that personalizes your kayak fish hunch. If you’re not proficient in installing rod holders, this blog will help you to do that effectively.

Before we jump on the main topic, let’s briefly look at the rod holder types.

Types of kayak fishing rod holders

These are available in multiple formats, each designed to fit different preferences and needs. Here you go-

1. Flush mount rod holders

This is one of the strongest rod holders among the other variants. It is permanently fixed on the deck, designed to sit flush with the kayak deck. This makes an excellent choice for the anglers who want a permanent yet secure fixture. It won’t get in the way while paddling.

Flush mount is best for bait fishing. Consider angling the rod holder to point the rod tip from the kayak. Once done right, you can achieve the target that you’re looking for. This type of rod holder is available in various shapes and sizes. Besides, it comes with various types of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and plastic.


You should drill a hole to install the flush mount rod holders and place the rod holder accordingly. Once installed successfully, it will provide a sturdy yet reliable fixture for the kayak fishing rod.

2. Deck mount rod holders

Deck mount is attached to the kayak deck using screws. These holders can provide a versatile option for the anglers to help them switch between multiple fishing styles. Like flush mount rod holders, these rod holders are also available in various shapes and sizes, including aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. However, few models allow to customize the rod position for ultimate comfort and efficiency during fishing. 

You can easily remove the holders when they’re not in use. Also, deck mount rod holders are suitable for kayaks, which are frequently transported. Hence, it can be easily removed and restored as per requirements.


It’s the same as the flush mount rod holder installation process.

3. Horizontal rod holders

It’s a popular type of kayak fishing rod holder that holds the fishing rod horizontally. You need to mount this on the upper edge of the kayak’s hull. You can adjust the angles that come with enables you to customize the rod position.

This rod holder keeps the fishing rod within easy reach during fishing time. These are also suitable for kayakers who want to keep their rods out during paddling.


At first, you need to drill a hole into the kayak gunwale. Next, attach the holder to the gunwale with screws. Once done, it will provide a reliable fixture for the rod.

How to install the fishing rod holders? (Step-by-step process)

Installing the rod holders is simple. Most of the time, it involves only drilling, as we mentioned earlier.  The task will be easier for you once you follow the detailed steps mentioned below. Here you go-

Step 1- Fix the location

Choose the area where you want to install the fishing rod holder. Consider the height and the distance between each rod holder if you’re going to install multiple.

Step 2- Hold the mounting bracket

Place the bracket against the surface where you install the holder. Now, mark the holes with a pencil. Ensure the bracket is level. Also, check whether it’s aligned with the other holders that you have installed already.

Step 3- Pre-drill the holes

Pre-drilling will make the process easier during screwing. It is recommended to use a smaller drill that is a bit smaller than the screw size.

Step 4- Attach the bracket

Place the bracket with the surface using a screw and a screwdriver. Ensure that the screws are tightly fixed.

Step 5- Slide the fishing rod holder

Push the rod holder into the mounting bracket. Ensure it fits perfectly. Some holders may need extra force to fit into place. Be careful during placing the holder or the bracket.

Step 6- Test the holder

Assess the power of the holder by inserting the rod. Give it a mild tug to check whether it’s falling out or not.

Step 7- Repeat the process

Repeat the previous step if you install additional rod holders. It will help you to assess whether those are evenly placed and level with other holders. 

Benefits of rod holder on a kayak

Being a kayaking enthusiast, you can benefit from the rod holder. With a rod holder, your kayaking experience will be next level. It is important if you’re navigating rough waters or want to adjust the kayak position.

The rod holder can help to prevent the rod from getting tangled and damaged. Besides, a rod holder can will keep your gear secured and easily accessible. Hence, you can grab it quickly once you feel the bite from a fish. It will create a huge difference as you can firmly hold the rod during fish hunting.

Overall, a rod holder on the kayak will increase the chances of fish catching. You can respond quickly to the fish bite while decreasing the chances of missing out chances. This will be helpful for you, especially if you have participated in a competition.


1. Is the rod holder installation process easy?

It’s super easy to install the rod holder in the kayak. However, the modifications may need a specific skill set based on the requirements.

2. Should I anchor my kayak?

A kayak anchor can hold the spot by preserving the arms. It enables you to float without the need for constant paddling.

3. How long does it take to install kayak fishing rod holders?

The location of the rod holder will depend on the boat, fishing type and personal preferences. Mainly, it’s the task of drilling four holes while driving the screws. The whole process will be completed within 15 minutes if you do things as pre-planned.

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